Greeting Cards Printing Application Reviews

Process to create greeting card by using greeting card maker software-
Step1- Download and install Greeting card maker software on your window pc or laptop.
Step2- Software provide three following option to create greeting card are Start Designing Using Templates, design greeting card using wizard and design greeting card using blank format.
Step3- Software provides a feature of pre-defined templates to design greeting cards quickly by selecting designs, text, colors, and styles and filling in the details like date, time, salutation, etc. as per the user’s requirement. It also asks users to add a title and a message that they want to include in the greeting card.
Step4- software has a Batch Processing Series option to design and print bulk greeting cards with different barcode and text values at one time. The Batch Processing Series option also supports MS-excel, notepad and Copy paste manually.
Step5- Software has advanced designing tool like Line, Text, Shape Type, rectangle, rounded rectangle, ellipse and also gives permission to user to insert snaps, family photograph, image, clipart, logos while designing greeting cards.
Step6- software gives the user the option to go to the standard toolbar and select the Print option to print the generated greeting cards. Adjust the printing settings as needed, and then press the Print button.
Step7- software has inbuilt email option which allows users to send designed greeting cards to single or multiple email IDs at a time.
Step8- software saved the greeting card design as a PDF or image file format and also support various file formats like GIF, JPEG, BITMAP, PNG, and TIFF.

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