Messenger Assist Reviews

Messenger Assist saves both your and partner’s time space Messenger Assist lets you do the following quickly and easily. Pause music on incoming calls: While Windows 7 can automatically turn down the volume when you start talking, you might prefer to pause the audio playback instead, especially if you’re doing something that can be easily resumed from the same place (for example, listening to an audio book or your favorite track, or watching a movie). Stop playback by double-clicking the tray icon. Stop the media player when you make a call. Resume playback when you’ve finished. Show a personalized reminder when a specific person calls(a). You can assign a reminder both for a specific person and for a group of people. Therefore, you will never forget about important points you need to discuss with someone during a conversation Take notes as you talk with people. (b). You can synchronize them with Outlook (c). Each note is attached to a person or group name. Additionally, you can add a tag to a note, or mark important ones. Keep close at hand the files and folders you frequently refer to during your conversation (b).For more information go to

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