PC to SMS Reviews

Company offers reliable bulk PC to SMS tool that provides you full functionality and flexibility to create and send personal or business text SMS to any person all over the world without establishing any internet connection in most affordable and convenient way. Technically sound bulk SMS software assist salespersons or users to keep in touch with their clients by sending messages related to product like new products, variation in price, budget, taxes, discounts and special offers etc. Automatic freeware PC to SMS application provides the best solution to business owners so that they can communicate with their target audience through messages all over the world without making costly phone calls only within few seconds. Compatible PC to SMS tool is structured with highly interactive graphical user interface. With the help of bulk SMS software user can promote their business in cost effective manner with their less effort. Powerful text messaging program facilitate user to broadcast mass text messages at all national or international mobile network just in few seconds without having any internet gateway or connection and doesn’t need any prior technical knowledge or expertise even a non technical person can use it. Flexible PC to SMS tool provides you complete solution to reduce SMS broadcasting load while sending text messages in large volume by enabling unique Delayed Delivery feature. Proficient text sending utility facilitates user advance options so that they can skip duplicate number entries in simplified way. Highly advanced PC to SMS software makes you capable to import phone number list saved in Text file or Excel file format on the PC in convenient and effective manner with you minimal efforts.
Extraordinary Features:
*Facilitate you to compose and sends SMS without internet connection.
* Enable you to boost up the performance of your business easily.
* Provides the way to create SMS and sends them worldwide just in few seconds.

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