Mass Messaging Tool Reviews

Bulk text message sender software is an ideal for targeted marketing, and provides facility to keeping in touch with the clients. Bulk messaging tool from PC to mobile is an innovative facility for composing and sending text messaging to national and international mobile networks at one time. Software need not requires internet connection for sending promotional, invitation, job alerts or different type of messaging formats. Application program has interactive graphical user interface and runs under full support of windows operating system like 98, 2000, ME, XP, NT and Vista. Software works with window based mobile phone connected to Microsoft ActiveSync and Windows Mobile Device Center and sends messages to all GSM or CDMA mobile phones.
*There is no limitation to sending SMS choosing from phone contacts list.
*Software able to sending text messages to all national or international numbers.
*Utility can sends text message in any language that supported by Unicode.
*Bulk, messages sender utility is compatible with all Windows based Mobile Phone handsets that is supported by Microsoft ActiveSync and Windows Mobile Device Center.
*Software does not require any internet connection for sending SMS.
*Tool is used for sending message to individuals or list of phone numbers from PC to mobile.
*There is no need of any specific technical skills for operating this utility.
*PC to mobile phone Bulk SMS sender software can be used to send recruitment notification, selection i.e. sending job alert to candidates for interview on their mobile phone as simple text message.

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