StreamFab Paravi Downloader Reviews

1.Download any video from Paravi streaming site
When it comes to watching TV series or movies, you may conjure up some websites like Paravi streaming site. However, it is inconvenient to enjoy its videos online due to streaming and buffering issues.
Don’t worry. StreamFab Paravi Downloader is here for you! This easy-to-use yet powerful streaming downloader allows you to download any Paravi video in a hassle-free way.
2.Save Paravi videos in up to 1080p and with AAC 2.0 audios
This downloader offers more than just letting you save your favorite Paravi shows and videos to your PC for offline enjoyment. High video and audio qualities are also assured.
This downloader allows you to download videos in 720p or 1080p resolution and AAC 2.0 audio tracks. It’s up to you.
3.Save videos in MP4 format and play them on any device
Aside from high video and audio quality, this downloader also enables you to save downloaded videos in MP4 format, one of the most popular video formats to make sure that your downloaded video files can be played easily on almost any device.
Moveover, if you also want to save the output videos as MKV files, this is also possible with a simple change of the output format setting.
4.Process videos in batch and at fast speed
Downloading multiple videos at the same time is quite a challenge for most downloader products. But not for StreamFab Pavari Downloader.
This downloader is capable of processing multiple videos concurrently at fast speed. Therefore, you don’t have to spend a long time when there are more than one videos to download.
5.Save metadata that is compatible with your media server
It should be noted that metadata info will also be downloaded along with the videos while using this downloader, such as cast, year, title, etc.
It means that you can build your video library and manage all your downloaded content with the help of a media server, like PlayerFab 7.

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