Sysinfo VCF Split & Merge Software Reviews

SysInfo VCF Split and Merge software is the advanced utility that securely split and merges oversized VCF/vCard files without the hassle and long with that maintain the real structure of data. Allow users to split large VCF files into multiple and merge two or more VCF files into one. The smart feature of the vCard Splitter Merger tool permits users to pick the destination path for the new files. SysInfo vCard Splitter & Merger Tool split the large-sized VCF or vCard Files into multiple small VCF or vCard Files without any changes in real data. The vCard Splitter software support all vCard versions like vCard Version 2.1, vCard Version 3.0, vCard Version 4.0. The vCard Splitter Merger tool breaks the chosen VCF into specific VCF files corresponding to each contact. The software is suitable with all Windows OS versions like 11, 10, 8.1. 8, 7, Vista, etc. The free demo version of VCF Split and Merge software adds 15 VCF/vCard files per folder.

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