Unlock_ALD Reviews

Purpose of application:
If a pdf-form – originally created by an Adobe product – was processed and modified by an external third party tool it’s possible that an error message will raise while opening the form with the Acrobat Reader like:
“This document enabled extended features in Adobe Acrobat Reader. The document has been
changed since it was created and use of extended features is no longer available. Please
contact the author for the original version of this document.”.
Now this form can’t be used as a form – now it’s only a simple document.

There are no such problems using our Unlock_ald first!
After converting a pdf-form created by an Adobe product – for example the LiveCycle Designer – with Unlock_ald… the converted pdf-form can be used with any third party tool/sdk without any further problems while using it again with the Adobe Reader or other Adobe products later.

As an internal addon you’re able to strip any rights from a pdf-file – even if a main password is set.
A user password can prevent from doing this but you’ll rarely find a file with a user password set 😉

Unlock_ALD comes along as a console application (exe) for windows – so it can be used in nearly any programming language, script-/batch-language, manually on the commandline or via explorer context “send to”…
The package contains two versions 32 bit and 64 bit.

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