Warehouse Logistics Labeling Software Reviews

Barcode software designs barcodes with graphics and inbuilt drawing tools, shapes and also gives the options to export the designs into PDF format or JPG, PNG formats.
* Barcode label maker creates barcode images for item, stock and inventory.
*Barcode software designs the barcode in two modes quick barcode and barcode designing view mode.
*Barcode maker software supports all versions of Windows OS.
*Barcode creator tool allow save, export and print the generated barcode. Software also creates stickers and tags for barcode.
Steps to create Barcode Labels:
Step1: Take new file: Take file and select the view mode from quick barcode mode or barcode designing view mode to design barcode. And also select the barcode technologies (linear and 2D barcode) for the barcode font.
Step2: Style the barcode: Design the barcode with multiple drawing tools with rounded rectangles, square, ellipse, Triangle and add images to barcode from image gallery.
Step3: More settings for design barcode: Software assist to set the bars of barcode from vertical and horizontal position, set the margins from left, right, top, bottom for barcode. Software also set the Header, footer value for barcode. Add background colour and text colour for the barcode with colour settings.
Step4: Bulk Barcodes: Dynamically generate multiple barcode by include values in data source file and that file may be notepad file, excel file and add or paste the manual text over the file in barcode software. Batch processing includes 3 ways to add multiple barcode.
*Generate a new series as a sequential series, constant value series and random series.
*For bulk data Import values from text file, browse image folder and add the manual text for barcode.
*And do update in existing batch processing series content.
Step5: Export and Print Barcode: Print the barcode with advanced print settings. And export the design in image (PNG, JPG and Bitmap) format or PDF format in barcode software.

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