Asteroid Reviews

At the beginning of the 21st century an asteroid plunges into the Pacific Ocean. The tsunami that has arisen from the impact floods parts of North America, completely destroys Venice, and partially affected Eurasia as well.
At the same time, NASA reported that the Roscosmos research probe, launched in the year 20XX, found a huge cluster of meteorites at the edge of the solar system that will cross Earth’s orbit.
The world community has come together to develop a prototype of advanced weapons to counter the threat of the meteorites.
But the weapon has extremely unpleasant side effects and threatens to ignite all of the ozone layer of the planet, and because of the high power emitted by a stream of antimatter quickly grows unstable resulting in inefficient long range use.
In record time, a new type of aircraft was also designed.
A fundamentally new type of engine allows you to move in near-Earth space with a speed close to light and packs a weapon capable of splitting asteroids into small pieces.
You are a combat pilot from the last earthly conflict, but are selected for the job by a special commission, the importance of success being the survival of humanity.
Commander – the main character, a former military pilot. (com)
AISI – Artificial intelligence superintendant which provides the hero with all necessary information, advice, status warnings, manages planetary defense platforms and controls the carrier.

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