Barcode Label Maker Software Reviews

Software has two modes for creating barcode labels i.e., Quick Barcode Mode & Barcode Designing View Mode. Using Quick Barcode Mode, you must fill the needed details only and you got your designed barcode. Using Barcode Designing View Mode, you can design the barcode label as per your requirements. Software is easy to use, handle and no need of technical knowledge.
Software can create both 1D (Linear) & 2D barcode. Software creates barcode labels using various drawing tools such as line, text, barcode, images, custom shapes, watermark, etc. Software having three types of shapes of labels is Rectangle, Rounded-Rectangle and Ellipse.

Software has “Batch Processing Mode”. Using Batch Processing Mode, software can create many barcode labels in short time. Software having an option to create barcode labels using excel sheet or notepad file. Barcode Software can save or send your designed barcode labels as an Image or as PDF. Software provides easiest way to generate or design finest quality of barcode labels.

Software gives an option to change the label properties in “Barcode Designing View Mode”. Using Label Properties, you can change the background color with transparent color, solid color, gradient color, or using an image as background.
Software provides the various types of fonts for creating 1D and 2D barcode labels. Using “Create Series” in batch processing mode, you can easily create an input series.

Features of Barcode Label Maker:

*Software supports batch processing mode for importing excel or notepad file.
*Software has sharing feature using which you can easily share the designed barcode labels.
*Software can create many barcode labels at a time with unique ID & number using batch processing mode.
*Software can export the designed barcode label as an image or as PDF file format.

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