Color Blocks 2 Reviews

This game is based on the original idea of the DiD company, and is a kind of synthesis of the games “Fifteen” and “Colored Lines”. You should move the colored figures across the square field, collecting them into blocks. The playing field has the size of NxN cells, where N can be set equal to 4,5,6,7 or 8. (For Android versions 4,5,6 or 7). This field is initially filled with colored figures, with the exception of one empty cell. The number of colors is N + 1, the number of figures of the same color is N-1. Figures can be moved around the playing field: if you click on a figure next to which there is an empty square, this figure will move to an empty square. However, once all figures of the same color are in a block, they can no longer be moved. The aim of the game is to build blocks from all the figures. The score is determined by the formula 1000-MOVES + 200 * BLOCKS, where MOVES is the number of moves, BLOCKS is the number of collected blocks. However, the account is only credited if all the figures are assembled into blocks.

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