Freeware Memory Card Data Recovery Tool Reviews

Freeware Memory card recovery software effectively recovers lost, deleted, corrupted, or formatted files from various memory card types including SD Card, Micro SD, XD Picture Card, Memory Stick and more. Software has a simple and easy-to-use graphical user interface that enables a user to search and store lost files easily. Memory Card Data Recovery Freeware has five modes that are Basic Search, Deep Search, Photo Search, Video Search, and Signature Search for recovering data or files from a corrupted memory card. Basic search mode provides a simple procedure of recovering data by selecting a physical or logical drive and then clicking the next button to start the procedure. In Deep search set the range of sectors by sliding the edges of the slider to search lost data in a range. Users can set the range manually by giving value to the start and end sectors.
Software allows users to retrieve images and videos of any file format particularly by using Photo search and Video search mode for free of cost. User only needs to select a drive, set the range of sectors, browse the path to save recovered photos or videos, and click the next button. Signature search mode of the Freeware provides deep searching capabilities to retrieve data by selecting a particular file extension like JPEG, DOCX, MP3, BMP, GIF, HTML, PDF, etc. Software gives many buttons like Refresh Button for refreshing the list, Search More Partitions Button for searching any other partition of connected memory or SD card. Free Data Recovery Tool for Memory Card allows users to save retrieved files and folders as Log files for further usage. Freeware provides a Load Log button to load the saved log file into software to recover more data again from where the user stops the retrieving.
Software Features:
*Memory Card Recovery Application can recover photos, videos, documents, and many other files for free.
*Freeware support 128MB, 256MB, 1GB, and even higher capacity of memory cards of any brand.

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