Outlook Email Extractor Reviews

Outlook Email Extractor – A light and handy email address extractor software for Microsoft Outlook to extract email addresses and sender name from Outlook in to excel, csv and text format. It extract email addresses and sender name from subject, CC, BCC and mail body of outlook email. Outlook Email Extractor is a best email extractor software to extract Outlook email addresses and other required information.

Outlook Email Extractor automatically detects configured mail accounts in Outlook and extract required email addresses and sender name from Outlook. Outlook Email Extractor can export email address from Inbox, Sent Items, Outbox and other mail folders in to Excel or CSV file.

Outlook Email Extractor removes duplicate email addresses automatically and easily extract email addresses and no configuration skills required. Outlook email client stores all emails offline so outlook can be a rich email addresses source to get valid email addresses list. Extract valid and required email addresses from Outlook in excel, csv or other file formats. How to extract Outlook email addresses from Outlook?

Key Features..
Extract unique email addresses from Outlook.
Extract sender name for the email from Outlook.
Automatically detect configured mail accounts in Outlook.
Remove duplicate email address automatically from email addresses list.
Save Outlook email addresses and sernder data in excel, csv and notepad format.
Support Outlook 2007,Outlook 2010,Outlook 2013,Outlook 2016 & Office 365.
Fast and safe Outlook email address extractor.

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