Space Conflict Reviews

The year is 2152. Humanity is at its peak… Space colonization is no longer a dream, and the program for this in full swing. Some suitable planets have already been successfully developed, and others are still being terraformed. But this gets unwanted attention. Aliens who are suspicious of our activity, not knowing who we are and where we came from, and not wanting to establish contact with us, attack our transportation hubs. The purpose is not to destroy them, but to get to the planet that is our cradle – Earth. Since the warp gate uses intense bursts of energy, there is no way to disable them, not yet. We also do not know who the enemies are and why they do not try to communicate with is, amd due to lack of information about the location of their home planet we are not able to carry out retaliatory strikes, and so all we can do is fight back…

Now a little math:
Space Conflict is a 2D top-view strategy, which represents 12 beautiful star systems where you have to build defenses and protect the gates.

In addition, you can create your own unique towers because the game has:
* 9 types of weapons, each having 4 levels.
* 6 types of armor also with 4 levels.
* 8 types of modules that enhance the quality of different towers, such as:

* Increase the maximum energy to the Islands.
* Increase rate of fire of the guns.
* Increase damage.
* Increase the firing range
and much more.

If you recall high school mathematics you can calculate that such a huge number of guns, skins and modules makes it possible to create several thousand individual and special towers! So get creative, and find the perfect balance of different combinations of these tools, modules and skins to create your special, combat platform, which you’ll use to incinerate enemies.

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