Stickman Jailbreak 2016 Reviews

You will play a criminal who is unjustly sentenced. He was framed, he did not kill anyone. Stikman wants to be free next to his beloved wife. You will need to try all the escape routes, and only a few of them are lucky. Next to you will be based on a box with various objects in the chamber. Choose any theme and enjoy interesting animation script. Be careful, you should have a good answer for combinations of run time. For example, you will need to quickly shoot and hit a policeman that you are not killed or captured by the guardians of the law. The game is similar to those who love stikman, just avoid the game and get-togethers in a prison cell. Interesting non-linear plot, funny animation and voice to cheer up during the day. If you play every day, you will always be a happy person. The game will see clubs, tools, choppers and a hammer. He will hold a teleport in his hands, various weapons like a powerful pistol and grenades and much more.

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