Donglify for Mac Reviews

Donglify is a professional-grade software solution you can use to share USB security keys to multiple Mac and Windows machines over the Internet. Make license USB dongles remotely accessible from networked computers in the safest way possible. Donglify’s revolutionary port redirection technology extends dongle functionality over all distances to any environment with no drop in performance. All connections are fully secured thanks to the 2048-bit SSL encryption. You won’t need to purchase any extra apps, cables, hubs, or other gadgets to share USB dongles with multiple remote computers in parallel. Attach dongles to one of your machines and use Donglify to share it with any number of users. Note: The multi-connect function currently works with HASP HL Pro, Sentinel HL Pro, Sentinel UltraPro, SafeNet eToken 5110, and CodeMeter CmStick security keys. Other USB dongles can be accessed from only one computer at a time. Remote users can access and operate shared devices exactly like if they had those devices physically plugged into their machine. The OS on the remote machine recognizes the dongle as if it was locally attached. Plus, Donglify can share the lifespan of USB dongle keys by eliminating the physical wear caused by constant disconnecting and reattaching the dongles to different computers. With this software solution, you can leave dongles plugged at the same port at all times and make them accessible for remote connections from other networked machines. Donglify provides a simple way to redirect USB dongles to not only physical Mac and Windows computers but also to virtual machines powered by all popular hypervisors. All you need to share your dongle to a virtual environment is to install Donglify on the host computer and all the guest operating systems you want to have access to the dongle. After installation, you’ll be able to access any number of shared dongles from all your virtual machines simultaneously, no matter the distance or physical location.

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