DRPU Video Joiner Freeware Software Reviews

Freeware video joiner software is suitable for all windows versions such as windows 8, windows XP OS etc. New video folder is included in the app which brings a list of all videos stored in the device library. Software is easily and conveniently managed video quality and format. Software is a lightweight process that allows users to merge video with high definition. Software provides options to Video Rotation such as flip horizontally, vertically, 90-degree, 180-degree, 270 degrees. Video joiner software provides an option to choose an output folder path according to requirement. Merging speed is extremely high. Software supports 8K Ultra HD 4K 1080p 720p video resolutions along with all other major video resolutions and custom video formats etc.

Some easy steps for using the program-

*Add multiple video files. *Change the Resolution (Default or User Defined) according to user choice. *User can also change the audio options by selecting “browse audio file” to add required sound before clicking start process. *Click start process option to merge video file. *After video joined, open file sees the final video.

Video Joiner Software Features:

*The Software is a powerful Video Joiner with quality options such as original, normal, custom. *The Software is easy to video merge with the user interface.
*Choose video resolution with height and width.
*Delete or View Merged Video directly from video joiner application.
*Select multiple videos and the videos will merge into one by one.
*User can rearrange the video clips into any sequence.
*Software provides same output quality with source video/audio quality.
*User can easily add sound from browse audio option and mute audio.
*No video size and duration limits.
*Best Video Quality and No watermarks.
*Users can easily combine multiple video files with different formats.

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